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Invest in solar systems: lease, buy, rent

In which situations is what worthwhile?

Sustainable energy generation & economic benefits

The investing in solar energy systems offers a number of convincing advantages. Firstly, solar systems make a decisive contribution to sustainable energy generation. They utilise the inexhaustible energy source of the sun and thus help to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This is not only good for the environment, but also for long-term energy security.

Another important aspect are the the economic benefits. solar energy generated can lead to considerable savings in energy costs. They also offer the opportunity to feed surplus energy into the electricity grid and generate income. Many countries also offer tax breaks, subsidies and subsidy programmes for solar energy investments, which canreduce the financial burden and increase profitability.

Increase in property value & profitability

The Increase the value of properties is another factor. Solar installations can increase the value of properties and make them more attractive to potential buyers. They also offer a certain degree of energy security as they are less dependent on traditional energy suppliers.

Overall, investments in solar systems offera long-term return, while atthe same time having a positive impact on the environment and the energy transition. They are an investment in sustainable and future-orientated energy generation.

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Leasing a solar system

The leasing of a solar system is an option for those who want to utilise renewable energy without having to invest in the purchase and installation of their own system. With a lease model, the solar system is installed and maintained on your roof or property by a third-party provider. You pay a monthly lease fee, which is often lower than the monthly energy costs. This allows you to benefit from clean electricity without bearing the full ownership risk. However, it is important to note that you are usually not able to take advantage of government subsidies and tax benefits as you are not the owner of the system.

Buying a solar system

The buying of a solar system means that you are the sole owner of the system and can use all the energy generated for yourself. The initial investment outlay is usually higher, but you benefit in the long term from lower energy costs and potential income from the sale of surplus electricity. You are also entitled to government subsidies and tax benefits, which make the purchase more attractive. The purchase offers a long-term investment in renewable energy and improved independence from conventional energy suppliers.

Rent a solar system

The renting of a solar system is an option that minimises the initial costs. With this model, you pay a monthly rent to the provider who installs and maintains the solar system on your property. Although you are not the owner, you can benefit from the electricity generated, which is often lower than your current energy costs. Renting a solar system is a good choice if you want to reap the benefits of renewable energy without making a large investment. However, be aware that you may not receive all the financial benefits such as government subsidies.

Benefits of a solar park


Environmental protection through emission reduction and renewable energies

Economic efficiency

Long-term savings and stable returns for investors


Less dependence on volatile energy market prices, local energy generation


Efficient solar technology for progress and sustainability

Investing in solar systems - tips on how to proceed

The investing in a solar energy system requires careful planning and implementation. First, you should analyse your own energy requirements to determine how large the system should be to meet your needs. The choice of location is crucial, as it should receive plenty of sunlight and as few sources of shade as possible, such as trees or buildings.

A budget should be set that includes the costs for the purchase and installation of the solar system as well as possible maintenance and operating costs.The choosing the right financing option is very important as it will affect the overall cost and long-term impact of your investment.

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